A 6 Year Old look at Star Wars LCG.Spectre Deck

So Spectre decks became a mainstay and World’s winning deck. This was due to the insane tempo it could create from even a bad board state. This deck was fun and competitive with out the help of May the Force Be With You.

Star Wars Jank Specter.0

So I enjoy jank, I think Specter might have made it easy for me this time around. Okay so here is the list:

Rebel Affiliation

The Last Warrior x2
Spark of Rebellion x2
Explosive Artist x2
No Match for a Good Blaster x2
The Gardener’s Secret x1
To Arms x1

So lets look at the pods, starting with Spark of Rebellion.

The action has 14 units in the deck that will trigger it, with Kanan and Sabine being able to also give a bump in resources. The only card that needs a resource match for Jedi is Kanan’s Concentration which can be nice for freeing up defenders in your opponent’s deployment phase.

The Freelance Slicers have 16 cards that they could hit to trigger their ability, so more cards possibly for free. The Bo Rifle can be played from the discard pile with its own text and any of your Specter or Smuggler units. Bringing us to Zeb, situational targeted strike but you should have it active thnks to all the enhancement tricks in the deck as long as Tarkin doesn’t hit the table early.

Sabine gives a lot of flavor to the deck, being able to add combat icons to all the mains and being able to hand out edge to 3 units is good. Being able to recycle the Custom Paint Job and Improvised Explosive with the Junk Dealers can lead to some fun shenanigans as well.

With this pod we get another unit with Targeted Strike in Han, a unit that can seriously mess with the opponent’s force phase in Chewbacca and some limited event protection in the form of a blaster.

We have another card in Monmaw that has 12 cards in the deck that he can search for and the Junk Dealers will allow you to be able to play 16 cards from the discard pile giving you some wiggle room for edge battle choices if you can keep them on the table.

There are 8 card that Hidden Cache can fetch that can all trigger the Sullustan Weapon Tech. Han and Chewie’s weapons can do some heavy lifting if you can get them on their namesakes, otherwise they can put extra combat icons on other units.

You think you cannot see because you blind, but you are blind because you cannot see. What the deck lacks is tactics and twists. This will leave you open to first strikes often so try to choose survivable battles. No May the Force be with you means you will not be able to over commit to an attack and expect the card to save you but the deck is fun and should be something to break out during casual play.

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