January Projects

Well the rats are done. Quick and dirty for one it was several washes or black and brown. Going back to pick out the tails in light brown and eyes in red. The other was done by painting most of them brown, then getting a few with grey and tan and one white. White was […]

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January 2019 Projects

So lots of time in between posts but this time it was due to playing Gloomhaven, completing a few house projects and painting. I was able to keep a pretty steady pace on the painting front until our cat shattered Magnus. I took a couple months to collect myself after that. So here is what […]

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Horse of a Different Color…

Another week another look at a card that just doesn’t see play in L5R. So this week we look at a card released in the core set: Shinjo Altansarnai So Unicorn never saw much play in the core environment. This was due to Cavalry tax, non-relevant abilities, most of the cards providing support in either […]

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All Quiet on the Paint Front

Well that isn’t entirely true, I have been plugging away at Magnus. Just trying to get to a happy place with all that gold. I did a quick little paint job on 12/18 of the Gloomhaven miniatures. Right before the first set got their matte varnish. Also took some time to start back in on […]

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