Summer of the Grail…

…games. Sometimes a game comes along and you miss it or it was already hard to come by when you enteted the hobby. This summer is bringing a handful of those back to the market. Die Marcher Prêt-à-porter Dune Die Marcher, received an overhaul to reflect current german politics but seems like the heart of […]

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Scale 75 Review

So I have abought a few sets of Scale 75 and I have been really please with the paint. Until the Orcs and Goblins set. Every bottle had congealed into this play dough-esque mass. I sent an e-mail over to the US customer service and proceeded to get no help for 2 months. I then […]

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Painting Commission March

So I dabble in commissions and recently had the opportunity to paint 5 Warbands for Warhammer Underworlds. I was given 2 months to finish the project but really hope to finish it in under 5 weeks. The client askes to follow the box art for the paint schemes as close as I can, this will […]

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February Project: Terra Khan

So when Mosterpocalypse 2.0 was announced I knew I was going to pick some up to paint and share that experience here. The first one that caught my eye was Terra Khan. Here you can see him looming behind a 1.0 Terrasaur. So some people coming to the game were surprised by the amount of […]

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January Project 4

So Terra Khan is all put together and the base is planned out. So all of January’s goal are met 3 days into February. This brings us to goal for this month: Paint Terrakhan Fix and finish Magnus the Red Only 2 projects but Magnus was shattered and it will take some time to get […]

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January Project 3

So I painting up a copy of My Little Scythe and nothing seemed to go right. So the first mistake I made was just priming black. I thought it would speed the process up but I was painting everything in bright colors and it took a long time to get a smooth solid coat. I […]

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January Projects

Well the rats are done. Quick and dirty for one it was several washes or black and brown. Going back to pick out the tails in light brown and eyes in red. The other was done by painting most of them brown, then getting a few with grey and tan and one white. White was […]

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January 2019 Projects

So lots of time in between posts but this time it was due to playing Gloomhaven, completing a few house projects and painting. I was able to keep a pretty steady pace on the painting front until our cat shattered Magnus. I took a couple months to collect myself after that. So here is what […]

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