A Look at Star Wars LCG deck.broken

So the Echoes of the Force Cycles saw a lot of power and speed creep for the light side. Given that every game I have ever playtested for would look at a cycle at the same time, I have to make the assumption this is how it worked for FFG. If so I would have […]

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Sith PK Deck Breakdown

Another trip down memory lane with a Star Wars LCG deck write up as I explore the new fan made content a look back at what I was tinkering with almost 6 years ago. Back when I dabbled in Legend of the Five Rings(AEG not LCG)the Scorpion Clan ran a heavy PK(Personality Kill) deck. This […]

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More Commissions Done

A trio of Crisis suits to bulk out numbers, tabletop ready and shipped out. Next up is a large Ebon Chalice commission that starts soon so updates will be focused on that. Also looking to pick up some Flames of War in trade for services. I have some shots of past work and posts on […]

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Another Batch of Commissions

Some we have another 5 Sacresants painted to match the last 5. Next up was the Adepta Sororitas Killteam. They wanted it tied to Martyred Lady instead of the box art. Then came a trio of Tau Broadsides in a Vior’la scheme. That should catch up to what I am currently working on. May your […]

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Recent Mini Works

So I finished up a few more commissions, some more Sacresants for the the table and a Slaaneshi proxy. I really like the split scheme look, it just adds a little more visual interest for me over the bronze studio scheme. This could be tweaked in all sorts of ways to bring a little bit […]

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2022 Hobby Goals

So with a new year comes a little reflection and grandiose plan that will crumble with each passing week. What do I see myself trying to get across the painting desk in the moons that follow. 1. Flames of War I would like to finish up a projectvthat was table ready 6 or 7 years […]

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2021 Goals, A Look Back

Well Tales of Instahammer was completed with my Stegageddon project. Epic fell through because I thought I was going to get a trade for services thst never materialized. I did end up painting up a Malifaux PIG/Sooey keyword. I have a few odds znd endx but it was fun and let me work on basing […]

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Some Time has Passed…

And some commissions have came across my desk. So since my last post here are the commissions I completed. There was an Inquisitor Greyfax, 3 third party Repentia and about 40 bases to match the blue-green stone. It was a nice project but it is finished now and commission slots are open. Drop me a […]

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