Another Batch of Commissions

Some we have another 5 Sacresants painted to match the last 5. Next up was the Adepta Sororitas Killteam. They wanted it tied to Martyred Lady instead of the box art. Then came a trio of Tau Broadsides in a Vior’la scheme. That should catch up to what I am currently working on. May your […]

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2022 Hobby Goals

So with a new year comes a little reflection and grandiose plan that will crumble with each passing week. What do I see myself trying to get across the painting desk in the moons that follow. 1. Flames of War I would like to finish up a projectvthat was table ready 6 or 7 years […]

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Cursed City Thoughts

  So I enjoyed a lot of the Warhammer Quest reveal last week but a few things really stuck for me. The heros are all solid, some really stand out ones but most are going to flood Instagram once the release hits. It all comes down to person preference for what will get posted. I […]

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New Year, Instahammer joined

So one of my goal for this year is to participate in Instahammer. This is an online hobby project to help people stay motivated and share your work with the community. I decided to do another Seraphon list since this is a person project and we could all use some decompression these days. So I […]

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Another Little Project Done

A couple years ago my daughter said she wanted to play a miniature game. I looked around at the rules out there and we decided to do Dragon Rampant. She also wanted to paint her own 6mm lizardmen she saw me working on. Fastforward two years and we both have our armies painted up and […]

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Been chipping away at a 6mm project I hope to have all finished for next weeks post so I thought I would turn a critical eye toward another finished miniature. The Mid-nor Master of Puppets. So first off no base because I focused on the painting. Also he is sadly missing the little puppet for […]

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Bugman’s Glow…

…or just being sloshed. So a few months ago I painted up and older miniature of Josef Bugman for an online competition. I wanted to try and push myself but I am not really a display painter and I only had a small window to paint it up. Although I didn’t place or anything I […]

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Back to Infinity

So years ago I dabbled in Infinity by Corvus Belli. The game was impressive with the way reaction could be done in your opponent’s turn and movement being critical to the game. I chose the Combined Army to start and when they got redesigned I lost the drive to paint my old space apes. That […]

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