Been chipping away at a 6mm project I hope to have all finished for next weeks post so I thought I would turn a critical eye toward another finished miniature. The Mid-nor Master of Puppets. So first off no base because I focused on the painting. Also he is sadly missing the little puppet for […]

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To Epically Go…

…where many have gone before. Last weekend I rummaged around and found some Eldar Jetbikes for my weekend project. I decided to paintthem up as Harlequins but should have swapped the heads to help the paint job. I will have to track down some more of the models and give it another go. Go the […]

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Bugman’s Glow…

…or just being sloshed. So a few months ago I painted up and older miniature of Josef Bugman for an online competition. I wanted to try and push myself but I am not really a display painter and I only had a small window to paint it up. Although I didn’t place or anything I […]

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Back to Infinity

So years ago I dabbled in Infinity by Corvus Belli. The game was impressive with the way reaction could be done in your opponent’s turn and movement being critical to the game. I chose the Combined Army to start and when they got redesigned I lost the drive to paint my old space apes. That […]

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Summer of the Grail…

…games. Sometimes a game comes along and you miss it or it was already hard to come by when you enteted the hobby. This summer is bringing a handful of those back to the market. Die Marcher Prêt-à-porter Dune Die Marcher, received an overhaul to reflect current german politics but seems like the heart of […]

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Scale 75 Review

So I have abought a few sets of Scale 75 and I have been really please with the paint. Until the Orcs and Goblins set. Every bottle had congealed into this play dough-esque mass. I sent an e-mail over to the US customer service and proceeded to get no help for 2 months. I then […]

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Painting Commission March

So I dabble in commissions and recently had the opportunity to paint 5 Warbands for Warhammer Underworlds. I was given 2 months to finish the project but really hope to finish it in under 5 weeks. The client askes to follow the box art for the paint schemes as close as I can, this will […]

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