Cursed City Thoughts

  So I enjoyed a lot of the Warhammer Quest reveal last week but a few things really stuck for me. The heros are all solid, some really stand out ones but most are going to flood Instagram once the release hits. It all comes down to person preference for what will get posted. I […]

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Future 40k Projects

So while I do not play games painting armies for systems helps with commission exposure. So I thought I should write up a quick rundown of what 40k army might end up on the table for promotional uses. 1. Orks I would go with a heavier lean on vehicles and probably mount some Mek Guns […]

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February Tales Progress

So I have been slogging away on my Stegs this month, sadly not a lot of time for hobby but I should be able to finish one of them before the end of the month. So since I am going to have 7 Stegadons I wanted some visual variety. I decided to take some old […]

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January Tales Finished

So Stegadon 1 and 2 are ready to go so let us take a look at what I liked and what I learned. So I got my roller in from Greenstuff World the day after I had thevrough shape done for the bases. So wear gloves and smooth out your finger prints was a lesson […]

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New Year, Instahammer joined

So one of my goal for this year is to participate in Instahammer. This is an online hobby project to help people stay motivated and share your work with the community. I decided to do another Seraphon list since this is a person project and we could all use some decompression these days. So I […]

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Paint for Plastic

Do you have piles of metal, plastic and resin? Rather play or anything than paint those miniatures? Well right now I am looking to pick some things up for projects in the coming year. Why does this matter to you? Maybe you also have some of these kits laying around and would like something else […]

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Another day, another Doug

So the only miniatures left are my Mid-nor treats. I try to ration them out because they are hard to come by and I tend to save them when I feel I have leveled up. That and they take quite a bit of prep work since yhey are second to fourth hand miniatures. My latest […]

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2021 Hobby Goals

So I have been mulling over some goals for 2021 and while they could always change due to commissions or things no one could have predicted here is my personal project list. 1. Tales of Instahammer I have always wanted to participate and I think I am going to give it a shot with Seraphon […]

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Another Little Project Done

A couple years ago my daughter said she wanted to play a miniature game. I looked around at the rules out there and we decided to do Dragon Rampant. She also wanted to paint her own 6mm lizardmen she saw me working on. Fastforward two years and we both have our armies painted up and […]

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