Paint for Plastic

Do you have piles of metal, plastic and resin? Rather play or anything than paint those miniatures? Well right now I am looking to pick some things up for projects in the coming year. Why does this matter to you? Maybe you also have some of these kits laying around and would like something else […]

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Another day, another Doug

So the only miniatures left are my Mid-nor treats. I try to ration them out because they are hard to come by and I tend to save them when I feel I have leveled up. That and they take quite a bit of prep work since yhey are second to fourth hand miniatures. My latest […]

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Another Little Project Done

A couple years ago my daughter said she wanted to play a miniature game. I looked around at the rules out there and we decided to do Dragon Rampant. She also wanted to paint her own 6mm lizardmen she saw me working on. Fastforward two years and we both have our armies painted up and […]

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Been chipping away at a 6mm project I hope to have all finished for next weeks post so I thought I would turn a critical eye toward another finished miniature. The Mid-nor Master of Puppets. So first off no base because I focused on the painting. Also he is sadly missing the little puppet for […]

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To Epically Go…

…where many have gone before. Last weekend I rummaged around and found some Eldar Jetbikes for my weekend project. I decided to paintthem up as Harlequins but should have swapped the heads to help the paint job. I will have to track down some more of the models and give it another go. Go the […]

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Bugman’s Glow…

…or just being sloshed. So a few months ago I painted up and older miniature of Josef Bugman for an online competition. I wanted to try and push myself but I am not really a display painter and I only had a small window to paint it up. Although I didn’t place or anything I […]

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