A Look at Star Wars LCG deck.broken

So the Echoes of the Force Cycles saw a lot of power and speed creep for the light side. Given that every game I have ever playtested for would look at a cycle at the same time, I have to make the assumption this is how it worked for FFG. If so I would have […]

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More Commissions Done

A trio of Crisis suits to bulk out numbers, tabletop ready and shipped out. Next up is a large Ebon Chalice commission that starts soon so updates will be focused on that. Also looking to pick up some Flames of War in trade for services. I have some shots of past work and posts on […]

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Back to Infinity

So years ago I dabbled in Infinity by Corvus Belli. The game was impressive with the way reaction could be done in your opponent’s turn and movement being critical to the game. I chose the Combined Army to start and when they got redesigned I lost the drive to paint my old space apes. That […]

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Painting Commission March

So I dabble in commissions and recently had the opportunity to paint 5 Warbands for Warhammer Underworlds. I was given 2 months to finish the project but really hope to finish it in under 5 weeks. The client askes to follow the box art for the paint schemes as close as I can, this will […]

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All Quiet on the Paint Front

Well that isn’t entirely true, I have been plugging away at Magnus. Just trying to get to a happy place with all that gold. I did a quick little paint job on 12/18 of the Gloomhaven miniatures. Right before the first set got their matte varnish. Also took some time to start back in on […]

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