Recent Mini Works

So I finished up a few more commissions, some more Sacresants for the the table and a Slaaneshi proxy.


I really like the split scheme look, it just adds a little more visual interest for me over the bronze studio scheme. This could be tweaked in all sorts of ways to bring a little bit of a personal touch to an army.

Next up was the Queen of Ecstasy by Creature Caster. The model had to be tweaked during the build with some of the hair tendrils and arms repositioned.

The skin was painted in with a pastel purple and worked up to an off white. The witchblade-esque armor was dome with violet then crimson worked into the next few coats.

Dark blue over the hair remaining armor plates.

Off white on the masks and then time to pick out the gold.

Then it was all of the refinement and I ended up with this.

Then a quick break to paint up some Crimson Everythings and I am onto another commission.

That is all from the painting front.

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