2022 Hobby Goals

So with a new year comes a little reflection and grandiose plan that will crumble with each passing week. What do I see myself trying to get across the painting desk in the moons that follow.

1. Flames of War

I would like to finish up a projectvthat was table ready 6 or 7 years ago. I sold off everything except 1 platoon US Paratroopers. I want to go back and finish the army again but try and push the basing and visual interest as far as I can.

This is the starting point, sourcing the older sculpts and things like Easy Company will be difficult but worth it if I can bring it all together.

2. Another small scale project

Whether this turns into 6mm Saga, Warmaster or Epic all depends on the opportunity to get the models when the drive is there.

3. Warbands

Just small bands of troops, whether it is for Frostgrave, Turnip28. Bloodbowl, Gaslands, Confrontation or even a Killteam. I want to do at least 2 projects of this type and try and make them unique or at the very least stand out.

Not a long list but one that is hoping to grow my skills and hopefully keep building from last year.

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