2021 Goals, A Look Back

Well Tales of Instahammer was completed with my Stegageddon project.

Epic fell through because I thought I was going to get a trade for services thst never materialized.

I did end up painting up a Malifaux PIG/Sooey keyword. I have a few odds znd endx but it was fun and let me work on basing which I have been slacking on lately.

Sadly 6mm Saga never came together because of supply/shipping problems of the current year. Generally the same issue with the Bloodbowl Halflings no funds when instock and no Treeman for the forest at other times.

So I missed most of the planned but hit the big goal and a sizeable pickup goal. That and a hefty chunk of models painted up for others. Next year I will probably skip personal 28mm army projects in favor of smaller scale large projects and random models to learn/practice/refine some techniques on.

Here we see all the unpainted models I have plus an old Predo Kantor and 3 more Mid-nor models that are soaking in paint stripper. I guess I have my buying work cut out for me.

3 thoughts on “2021 Goals, A Look Back

  1. Sweet work on that Ulix crew.

    Age of Sigmar hasn’t really taken off in my gaming group but I reckon that I’d be hard pressed to resist the siren call of a herd of dinosaurs riding larger dinosaurs if we did start. Your Seraphon look excellent.

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    1. Thanks! Yeah I really just wanted to paint big stompy dinosaurs and paint an army project and this was the opportunity. The basing practice came in handy as Ulix was on swampy docks andI wanted the Stegs to have a flooded river bank vibe.

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