Cursed City Thoughts

  So I enjoyed a lot of the Warhammer Quest reveal last week but a few things really stuck for me. The heros are all solid, some really stand out ones but most are going to flood Instagram once the release hits. It all comes down to person preference for what will get posted. I know I love 5 of the 8 and only have 1 that doesn’t do much for me.

The we have the Ogor zombies and I knew what I wanted from GW. Then they said Ogor Vampire and I was floored. This one little thing sent me in so many directions, it was one of those things the just fires the creative side of the brain. It made it seem like the thirst altered the hunger that drives the Ogors, now we had this intelligent Ogor that managed to broker an exchange for food to protect his own personal  cattle. Then the chaos quake amped the thirst to Ogor standards again and the feast was on. Then 2 days later GW walked him being an Ogor back, I guess it was fun while it lasted.

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