Future 40k Projects

So while I do not play games painting armies for systems helps with commission exposure. So I thought I should write up a quick rundown of what 40k army might end up on the table for promotional uses.


1. Orks

I would go with a heavier lean on vehicles and probably mount some Mek Guns on Trukks. So not a tradition green tide but lots of teef, checks and rust to try and show a solid tabletop job with minor conversions and freehand.


2. Adeptus Sororitas, Sister of Battle.

So this is probably the least likely this year due to the amount of head swaps since I painted my first with a multi colored bob. I would rather have all kinds of crazy hairdos. This means I have to source or sculpt all of that. Some sources Escher gang, the countesses, female inquisitor and some 3rd party sites.

White Scars

3. White Scars

Having an army of crisp white marines would just look good. The conversions aren’t that heavy so that is an upside on the building front. Honestly they are probably the front runner.

This might not happen at all but if it does at least I have a direction for the core.

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