February Tales Progress

So I have been slogging away on my Stegs this month, sadly not a lot of time for hobby but I should be able to finish one of them before the end of the month.

So since I am going to have 7 Stegadons I wanted some visual variety. I decided to take some old Chaos bodies I had in the bits box and make some prisoners/sacrifices/trophies/snacks. My sculpting was super rough but hopefully paint and skinks can hide some of the draw backs.

So I took a little inspiration from Predator with the strung up bodies and skull piles. I also kept the spire look even though it doesnt go on regular stegadons. It just looks good and it gives some more visual interest. The next 2 to assemble will be the Chief and another standard steg, neither will have the spire and fancier bases to set them apart.

So all the Stegs got finished up which does put me ahead for next month. Happy with the small variations in the scales.

So the center model is pretty close and the others have a solid start. This should put me onto the crew in the next couple days. Leaving the base for the weekend to make the deadline. So time to make the the doughnuts.

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