What I Wanted From Cities of Sigmar

I was so stoked!

I thought this was going to be the way to combine some of the Old World factions. By that I mean Empire, Kislev, Bretonnia and other juman factions into a free people’s sort of list.  Instead I get more Dwarves and Elves with the Empire.

You already have Steam Dwarves and another full faction of Breserkers. You could do a classic fantasy list that is on you. Maybe you could have done 1 book for all three but what do I know. I get that you want to shift away fron the classic aesthetic but I feel it could have been done a differeny way.  The same thing happenened with the Aelves 3 new factions, 4 with the Moarthi shift bit lets throw the older elves/dark elves in with this Cities book we have coming. Again feels like the Aelves could have had their own thing but instead displaced what could have been the average list book.

So what did I want…


The new Cities should have focused on faith. This is where people settled and live, faith in Sigmar to hold the keep should have been at the forefront. I would have loved to see warrior priests on mass or possibly even in the wizard role.


Grail knights, Hussars, Dudes on bears, even the new knights on demigrifs. These would all have been a great flanking unit and since the roads are dangerous make sense as escorts.


Something preys on the people, hard times call for hard people! These are my go kill that model guy, I will probably be buying the box for that model alone. Givebme 3-5 versions of this and I will play just about any faction.

So the battleline peasants with long bow, hand gunners, great swords, knights, pikemen, lots of unitscwould fit here and could change with the City you pick.

Big models the Steamtank, trebuchet, franz, battle altar or something new. Coming up with something big and cool has never been a GW problem.

I honestly hope this is the direction in Old World goes in because that is where I want to be.

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