January Tales Finished

So Stegadon 1 and 2 are ready to go so let us take a look at what I liked and what I learned.

Bases step rough

So I got my roller in from Greenstuff World the day after I had thevrough shape done for the bases. So wear gloves and smooth out your finger prints was a lesson I forgot but addressed in a later step. I should have added the chunks of gylphs to the base before doing the vines. More vines would have been better for me and work on getting them thinner.

After adding more texture I primed and laid out the main green, brown and grey with the airbrush. The need for more vegetation is apparent, also the vines are coming off rushed because they were. SomethingvI hope to address on later bases.


Everything except the staffs and side gribbles are done now. So more plants and vines. More variation in the soil through paintvand pigments in the next one but I am happy with the worn paint look on the glyphs.

And in their final form

Now onto February prepping.

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