2021 Hobby Goals

So I have been mulling over some goals for 2021 and while they could always change due to commissions or things no one could have predicted here is my personal project list.

1. Tales of Instahammer

I have always wanted to participate and I think I am going to give it a shot with Seraphon this year.

2. Epic 40k/Netepic

I want to do at least one army with and end goal of 2. The front runners are Thousand Sons, Eldar and Orks.

3. Saga at 6mm

Another 6mm project, there was a lovely project for Joy of 6 a few years back that has always been in the back of my mind. I would like to do 2 to 4 skirmish forces for it.

4. Bloodbowl

I have plans for a Halfling team with 2 Treemen. This one will require some research and a jump in my freehand.

5. Odds and Ends

The rest are just one offs. Any Mid-Nor I pick up, there are some great were-things out by various companies like Cartoon miniatures, Mierce, KAHA and Acadia.

Hopefully I will be able to push my skills with the projects and see where the hobby takes me next year.

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