Been chipping away at a 6mm project I hope to have all finished for next weeks post so I thought I would turn a critical eye toward another finished miniature. The Mid-nor Master of Puppets.

Master of Puppets

So first off no base because I focused on the painting. Also he is sadly missing the little puppet for his marionette handle so that takes away from the ambiance of the model.

angle change

The colors for the skin work, the variation could be a little better. Some deep greens for old bruises and some more blues and purples to deepen the shades. It could also be used to show blood settling in the appendages.

The rust was nice but I could add scratches and a sharp edge to show constant use. I also need to work on those crazy patterns Rackham loved on their swords.

back shot

I think the canopic dolls were bright and pop off the miniature. I could have worked the eyes more and added more texture to them. It was a great time on a great model and I look forward to future Mid-nor finds.

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