To Epically Go…

…where many have gone before. Last weekend I rummaged around and found some Eldar Jetbikes for my weekend project.

Some Epic Goodness

I decided to paintthem up as Harlequins but should have swapped the heads to help the paint job. I will have to track down some more of the models and give it another go.

Go the base coats on and after I finished decided the next batch should probably drop the gold from the thrusters and go with all black.

All ready to go

I know the smaller bikes should be two to a base but I think works here and it is not like I cant rebase later. I think the full diamond pattern came out the best but they all look good for 6mm.

5 thoughts on “To Epically Go…

    1. Thanks for the comment. Epic Eldar were something that I never got when it was releases but a few people had the tanks and titans and they still hold up, especially when the scale is taken into consideration.


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